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Wtf Bono


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I don't know you, but when I saw the photo that Bono is with the ex-president of Brazil, Lula, I just couldn't believe in such a thing. Lula is one of the members of ''Mensalão'', which was one of the biggest scandals of corruption in the history of the democracy in Brazil, and when I read that Bono want to make a international ''Bolsa Família'' I just could laugh about it. ''Bolsa Família'' is a social welfare program that helps financially poor families, in theory is perfect, but in practice is a total failure, the people, not all, who receive this contribution quit their job and start to try to live just with this contribution. I hope that Bono doesn't have much information about the situation here in Brazil and was just a mistaken statement.






PS: sorry if it has orthographic mistakes in the text

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