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U2's Music Producer In The Hospital.


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Brian Eno is now producing music soundtracks for hospitals to help create a "healing environment?"  (See linked story below).  How the mighty have fallen!  From U2 to, "Hey you two in a coma, listen to this." What's next,  Lanois does Elevators?  Next floor, lingerie, linen and washed up music producers. 

Eno, 64, created two musical pieces that employ an electronic system that causes the music to change constantly and never repeat, The Independent reported Thursday.  I obtain the same result when I hit the shuffle song button!  If you needed to bring in Eno for that, I'm changing my medical plan. 

Why not just play Eno's past contributions with U2 in the hospital, it makes more sense.    Fez Being Born in the Maternity Ward, I'll Go Crazy in the Psyche Ward, Moment of Surrender in the ICU, Breathe in the Morgue, One Step Closer in prosthetics, Into the Heart in the operating room, I Still Haven't Found for the dementia patients, etc.  Healing environment solved!

Don't get any ideas Danger Mouse either,  seeing Larry Mullen Jr. bang away on 2 bed pans instead of cymbals on U2's next cd would be a sh*tty idea. 

Brian,  it's time to go to Your Blue Room, I have a few questions I'd like to ask you.




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