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Sort Of Homecoming & Unforgettable Fire


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After re-reading u2 At The End of the World for the millionth time, most of 360 From the Ground Up and again watching From The Sky Down and seeing how much of themselves Adam, Bono, Larry and Edge give to the songs...wanting them to be awesome...not settling for just another album that would surely make them much money...


As desperate as I am for their new cd and as much as I hope "Mercy" is on that cd......today I've had a sort of


u2 homecoming


my unforgettable fire


allows me to be more patient today than I was yesterday


I'll be there, I'll be there

Tonight, tonight

I'll be there tonight, I believe
I'll be there so high
I'll be there tonight, tonight.


And every day waiting to hear what is sure to be another superb work of LOVE....


I sure hope this lack of new music will break soon...but I'll wait


With great anticipation

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