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Where's Leeny Got To?


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Here's your wildlife update:


I saw an otter running along the road this evening so pulled over and it came and inspected the car until the dogs started barking their heads off and then it ran off the other direction.


I drove on and slowed to look at a river with flowing water and there was a pair of beavers sitting on the snow and ice in the middle of the stream being busy. I could see a third one up the river a bit further.


Then on the way back I spied a guy in an all white suit and black balaclava which I know sounds creepy but he was trying to camouflage himself as he had a huge telephoto lens and was sitting quietly on the edge of the forest waiting for wildlife to pass by.


Bald eagles and Canada geese have returned. 


I'm watching for the first black bear. They have to be out by now but we just had a horrible weekend with a blizzard and howling winds so maybe they're staying close to their winter dens.There's nothing to eat right now anyway but any day now we should start seeing them about.



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