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Post The Definition....


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Just for a bit of fun...

go to:




put your name in the search box and copy and paste the first definition here.

(unless it is a completely unsuitable one and then go to the second or third etc....)


Could be a laugh to see what is said about our names.



1. cheryl 

A person of true beauty. A girl with such a kind personality that anyone will simply fall in love with. A Cheryl will help anyone out without hesitation. They have trusting blue eyes and large bussoms.
That Cheryl just saved 100 children!


And I like my definition, apart from the fact I have brown eyes. The rest is true :)

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What can I say except it's all true of course and I often go 'native' over Winter, I mean who's gonna notice with all those layers on  ;)




In this native a girl is supposed to be seven times more beautiful than normal fair girls bringing about the meaning "pretty girl" for this name. It also means "anointed one" or "holy one" in reference to the mother of Hanuman, the god of strength. Anjana is very charismatic and amazing, and captures the hearts of millions.
Wow, that girl is sure an Anjana.
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Elaine is a name filled with mystery. Usually a dark haired person. She really is one to keep through-out life as she will reward you with loyalty and love. Elaine is known to speak her mind and hold strong oppinions.
Elaine can be stubborn, but i wouldn't have her any other way
ha ha ha!!
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the edge

The Edge is the most dangerous guitarist of all time. Many fans and ex-fans have reported cases of acute Edgeophobia, wherein the subject is often times afraid to even leave his or her house for fear that The Edge is lingering closeby, wielding an "ax."
The Edge is a monster.
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