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A Note To My Friends:)


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Just to say, if you have sent me a friend request, firstly thank you kindly but secondly if you think I haven't reciprocated despite us chatting in here I swear I have!!


I've just inadvertently come across  a list on my profile of friend requests pending approval, most of which I have already said yes to, some a long time ago. Honest!! :wacko:


So if you thought I hadn't replied and was being a snooty ol' cow, I'm not!

Tho of course I can be a snooty ol' cow a lot of the time I know but this time I wasn't!



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For some reason you don't appear on my friends list, even though I've added... weird. Even says we are when I click on your profile



I've since re-added you today Frank when I realised something was amiss :) , sorry about that, hope you didn't think I'd ignored you, I know I can be a bit crahzee but I'm not that meanie! When I added friends I didn't really check to see if it worked!! Just a glitch with my profile I guess but you're there now watching me lol :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

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