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Un Chief Poses Proudly With Fake Bono In Twitter Picture Gaffe


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A United Nations dignitary was left red-faced after tweeting a picture of himself meeting a Bono lookalike he mistook for the real U2 frontman.


General Assembly president Vuk Jeremic was left stuck in an embarrassing moment he couldn’t get out of after sharing the snap with his thousands of followers online.

Posing proudly with the convincing doppelganger, the star struck politician was captured pulling a traditional Serbian three-dinger salute next to his bogus new best friend.

Unfortunately the 37-year-old had in fact just met Pavel Sfera, a full-time professional Bono lookalike.

‘I thought it was Bono,’ he confessed after the gaffe was exposed in the Serbian press.


British businesswoman Sanela Jenkins, whose family are from Serbia, spotted the picture and contacted the real life U2 frontman.

‘I contacted Bono and told him about it,’ she explained.

Sebian-born Sfera bills himself as the number one Bono lookalike in the world and never appears in public out of character.

‘I’m often stopped by fans and it reminds me of how much respect and honour people hold him in,’ he said.


From: Metro



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That's it. That does it. Intolerable I tell you.


But seriously, here's the plan: the real Bono bono_happy.gif could sell Bono-iris-scan-readers programmed to identify only his iris-scans. People who never want to mistake anyone else for him would buy them (including the UN dude). So would major fans who just can't stand the idea of anyone else going around masquerading as 'HIM' - the 1 true B-man. Proceeds could go to the One campaign. The campaign to sell the scanners could be called 'Plan to Scan the B-man: The One & Only! For One.org.' (Ok, ok, enough w/the groans. I'm only trying to help here.)


Of course the problem is Bono would quickly tire of people scanning him. Understandably. So...any suggestions? Unless someone offers a better idea for a Bono-impostor-detector, the world must continue to tolerate this outrage against the uniqueness that is the one & only B-man. bono_happy.gif

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"Sebian-born Sfera bills himself as the number one Bono lookalike in the world and never appears in public out of character."


Can you say...effing nut job?!?!?!


This guy thinks it's funny duping people on purpose.  He goes as far as signing people's U2 stuff...I kid you not!!!


I've met this guy in person, and when you're 2 feet from him, you know right away he ain't the real Bono.


I feel sorry for the UN dude.


I want to know what Bono said after this..."‘I contacted Bono and told him about it,’ she explained."


The guy is sick...dressing up as Bono 24/7...I mean come on!  Get a real job you poser!!!

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:o omigod he really does look like him, I'd be fooled by him!!



I dont see the tell tale bono chin dimple on him...


thats a dead give away anjana



Ahhh. The chin dimple. :wub:  Thanks for the reminder, Spicy.

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Allegra said "He goes as far as signing people's U2 stuff...I kid you not!!!"


Now that's just wrong...I mean, there's nothing wrong w/someone being an impersonator as long as they make it known that that's who they are - an impersonator. If he signs Bono's name to things & doesn't let on that he's not really him, then I think there should be a law against that.


And nothing p!sses me off more than bands who actually pass themselves off as the original band w/out pointing it out to people, for ex, just because of some loophole in the law. Or they do gigs w/a low profile & stay on the move - 1 step ahead of the law. I'm not talking about tribute bands who call themselves a tribute band. Hey, I don't happen to enjoy that myself, but it's there for people who do. But I'm talking about the ones who pass themselves off as an older, classic band & use the same name as the original band. That happens. Like, for ex, w/ 'The Platters.' How dare they sell CDs etc, under the original band's name? It's just wrong. And when u listen to the music, anyone who knows the original music knows it's not the real band. But to anyone who doesn't know the originals so they don't know the difference, it gives them a bad impression of the original band & original hits - which is not fair to the original artists at all (or the original songs themselves). New people who hadn't really heard the originals would listen to the remakes under the original band's name & think 'what was all the big fuss about this band? They sucked.'


I used to follow a music organization that was getting laws passed against that state-by-state. (Can't believe I stopped following the progress on that.) I think there should be some kind of law (if there isn't already) against signing the name of a celebrity if the person signing doesn't make it totally clear that they're not that celebrity.

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