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U2 Trade Me For Camping?


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When I took my current job in March 2011, I was really nervous that I wouldn't be allowed to take time off to travel to the 360 concert in Edmonton (Edgemonton) that June and as you may all recall, that concert was a year put off already because of Bono's bad back so I'd already had my hopes dashed once. It was hard waiting the extra year.


Anyway, then I had to travel to near Edmonton the week of the concert for training and I was worried they'd make us stay late or go into evening workshops and I was dying inside thinking I'd be so close to the concert and have to miss it.


I took a chance and called my new colleague who I'd never spoken to before where the training was going to be hosted and was throwing out comments to see what she knew about the workshop schedule and telling her that I had made some previous plans for this one night and I'd hate to have to cancel and she said something about she and her husband having family plans the same night and I forget now just how it came about but I think she was the one that took the chance and asked if I had a ticket to see U2 and I said YESSSSSSS! and she said OMG!!!!!!!!!! so do we and my sister and her Irish husband etc etc


and fully conspired to make sure that there would be no training that night and that we were out of there in good time to get into the city.


A woman I'd never met before! It was great! I think it bonded us for life.


Fast forward 2+ years and she was just here last week for some training and after work one day we were out for a long walk and I told her that i'm trying to decide if I can financially swing visiting Ireland (finally) this summer sometime and that I'd been researching cheap places to stay.


She piped up and said, "I think you should write U2 and tell them how much you think you've spent on their albums and merchandise and travel and concerts over the years and convert that into camping fees and see if one of them will let you pitch your tent in their backyard."


Well, frick did we laugh!!!!


We work in national parks so camping is our business and the thought of trying to convert U2 investment into tenting nights was funny. Would there be a firewood fee? When are quiet hours in the Hewson campground? Does the Mullen campground have potable water? Are there showers or a pond to bathe in at Clayton campground? Does Evans campground have power for hook-up or are they primitive sites only?


Makes you wish we lived in an economy where you could swap and trade for things. 


Let's see, and fully recognizing that many of you have spent far more on our love for the music!!! Off the top of my head:


  • Under a Blood Red Sky tape
  • Unforgettable Fire tape
  • Joshua Tree tape
  • Rattle and Hum tape
  • Rattle and Hum movie at the mall plus city bus fare to and from home
  • Achtung Baby disc
  • All That You Can't Leave Behind disc
  • No Line on the Horizon disc
  • Pop, How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb, Zooropa, October, Boyand War singles in iTunes plus stand by favs from the other albums
  • A poster of Bono
  • Countless teen magazines and Time and Rolling Stone that had articles on them
  • I bought a hat and leather vest to be the cool female version of Bono so I'm counting those props too even though I now realize I looked ridiculous
  • Concert ticket for Calgary including travel from @75 kms away and dinner before concert
  • Concert ticket for Edmonton including travel from out of province @ 700kms and dinner before concert
  • T-shirt and key chain from this website
  • Three books about the band by reputable authors
  • 4 DVDs of concerts
  • Three years worth of membership to this site... I think it was 3 and this would have been 4
  • And I'm sure to have forgotten something!

NO WONDER I haven't been able to afford to get to Ireland yet. Good grief! Maybe the guys do need to get some more top 40 hits out so I can listen to them for free on the radio again.


Just kidding!  :)

Wouldn't have it any other way. It's been a wise investment so far as I can tell.




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If you don't have the money this summer, you could always shoot for the meetup at the next Dublin gig.  ;)


And if the lads are smart they will jump on your camping suggestion just for the chance to meet you and hear your elk in rut imitation.

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