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Save The Fans...all U2 R Family..with Or W/o U2 Paid!


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I've heard what I'm SURE is a rumor....that the blogs will just be for those of us that paid to subscribe??!


Yes I"ve been a paid subscriber of sorts since the paper form...."Propaganda" but as much as I want to see something for the sub price I pay...I sincerely don't want to see any u2 fans shut out....


I've been working 75 hour weeks w/ no days off so MAYBE (AND I HOPE) I'VE misunderstood, but i'd rather hand over my 'shares' of u2.com as a paid member than change things up for the world wide support of u2 right now...


The 'subscriber' rate may not seem like a lot of $ to some, but it is about a week's worth of groceries for me and that's at a VERY stetched budget...


Principal Management I've LOVED u2 since '83....I live waaaay below the US poverty level and if it weren't for the release of u2's music therapy I'd certainly 'have gone crazy if I didn't go crazy tonight"


Edge, Larry, Bono, Adam, Principal Management you have such a LARGE global EMBRACE of support....we need your music and I hope U2 still needs their audience...don't shut fans out....at any cost....


I'll happily take back my blogs about not seeing a difference between news, music and blogs for paid members....please don't TURN ANYONE OFF.


I hope to wake and realize this was all a big mistake........


Let the support and music sound around the world.....we need u2....


All of us......



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