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U2 W/love & Respect


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Must admit for me 'resubscribing to u2' was akin to sign an ER consent for life saving surgery...just sign it...you need it...must have it...and  I guess I thought, I don't swear, or am obscene (well not w/o Zhivvy's sippy cup) so.... check "agree".


It's u2 after all...a band that brings us a mix of belief and sex...Bono bringing the camera down upon his,..crotch but then cut to Miss  Sarajevo....it's meant to be as mixed up as our world and we're meant to WORK to make sense of it..


To me it's been a balance...pick and choose what you like and what you want you can ignore and what brings a smile to your face you can bring a smile and a star...


Why not make us all 'adults' on this site so we can express ourselves w/o discord?!

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