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This Actor Walks Like Larry! Never Seen That In Anyone B4.

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This video is great! Had no idea who this guy was at 1st. I found out it's actor Daniel Craig. (Many will recognize him from Bond movies. I didn't because I'm a 'Bourne' person myself.) I had thought to put this at the 'Don't be Embarrased' thread when it started, but never did. I Love this song & I'm Not embarrassed to say it. (That's the correct spelling, Joe! :))


I hereby dedicate it to actor/producer/drummer Lawrence "Larry" Mullen, Jr. (for his darn fine walk, for 1 thing).


Also to PacoBear & anyone else dealing w/tough things!


When I say he walks like Larry I do NOT mean at the beginning! I mean towards the middle of the video.


Hold on my heart - Phil Collins / Genesis



(Fanvid creator is below.)



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Of course I find myself really hoping this guy knows how to swim. Let yourself imagine that he does. Then it's okay. He's just working out the kinks! He'll be okay.

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When I said he walks like Larry, I was especially picturing when Larry walks out onto the extended stage to play drums during a concert. I think maybe Vertigo tour especially. Not when he has a drum & is walking with it (like in 360). But when he's walking to the drum(s) on the extended stage. Yup. I think this guy has Larry's walk.

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