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Slow Dancing With Bono....


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After only hearing'slow dancing' with THE MAN Bono singing..I could not bring myself to look much less listen, to u2/Bono singing Slow Dancing via Willie Nelson..Yes I saw it posted (What!! News!!?  :wacko:) it posted as 'news' but just could not take the 'tap' on my keyboard...someone other than Bono...??!!....


Yeah for me the 'tap' was a leap..(no Zhivvy...not THE tap!) was a tough one.. :wub:I ignored it for days and in the land of LN 'news' that's akin to decades (thou I do of course love you LN so plz don't ban me or edit me!) I mean what a rariety to get 'news'   :D on our paid u2 site? (again LN don't forsake me...I'm a mere fan!)   :ph34r:


And I was struck most by my observation that Bono and Willie share almost the same profile...Bono's chin is a bit more "outstanding  :wub: " but otherwise they are remarkably similar in this video...provided by....LN...




Did seeing/hearing someone other than Bono change how you 'saw' or 'felt' about this song? Other than the obvious of YOU in the video dancing w/Bono as he sung it.... ;)....Joe...Jim...others while you might have fainted at the thought....stay strong!  :D  :wub:  :ph34r:  (deliberate order!)







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