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Bono's Birthday Card 2013

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Hello hello Bono's fans!





I would like to invite all of you to write your message in honour to Bono, during his 53rd Birthday. 

To post your message to Bono: 
You must to click on "Comente" (07/05/2013) - (IMMEDIATELY BELOW BONO'S PHOTO, THE MESSAGES and the box: 'Posted by reginaonumb in 17h31"); then will open a box, and you´ll write your name (Seu nome), your e-mail (Seu e-mail), your URL (Seu site); after, type your message (you can include a link of a photo) and click on "ENVIAR COMENTÃRIO"; this box will be closed and will open another box, and all you need to do... type the signs and click on "ENVIAR". I´ll copy the messages and I´ll past it on the post. This card will be sent to U2 World Service and to the P M Office in Dublin. 
"Bono's Birthday Card 2013": 
U2 CARDS - http://u2scards.zip.net/

Visit and support Music Rising, dedicated to preserving the musical heritage of the Gulf Coast region. Founded by The Edge, Bob Ezrin, and Henry Juszkiewicz in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

Any suggestion, critics, protests, additional info, support; contact me: reginaonumb@globo.com 

hug.gifthank you so much edge_happy.gif

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Paul I dont celebrate birthdays, but I like to say that I wish for you everyday to be guided by holy spirit to make the right choices,decisions and to take the right steps to fulfill what you need to, and safely as well as successfully, you probably dont understand fully why I dont celebrate them but perhaps one day you might understand..

Have a lovely day everyday and for the rest of your life, and may the joyous moments you remember not be just on your birthday as you celebrate it..

Love and Peace


xx oo

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Dear Bono, hope your birthday is happy! I know it will be. Another year of you being awesome and hope you continue enjoying your wonderful and amazing life God has given you. Enjoy your times with your family and friends and please take care of yourself always.


Love, love, love



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Happy Birthday you lovely man, am sure you will celebrate in style! I love this quote of yours:


"In your teens you feel you can drive that car as fast as you can and you won't come off at the bend. In your twenties, you have some near misses. In your thirties you realise you are in danger. And in your forties, I think you're just really glad if you wake up in the morning"


Any anecdote yet for your fifties?


Anj x

PS. Please give Larry a big kiss from me anywhere you like, thank you kindly!

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Happy birthday, Bono! Over the years, your music brought me much joy and it continues to be an inspiration for all of us. I wish you much luck, health and energy for this year and many beautiful hours with your family and friends. Can´t wait to hear some great new U2 songs. Enjoy this very special day! 

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Happy Birthday Bono! (these people are so mean to me..lol)

" The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world." - John 1:9

On the wings of a prayer, all blessing on your birthday..

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