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Oklahoma..all Because Of You..we Are...


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Sending prayers and hopes to you in and around Oklahoma City...


minor tornado took my our home during the triplet hurricanes of '04 in central Florida...and that was scary as LL...so to even begin to imagine the horror of a F-4...a mile and more wide...is beyond me...


For those blessed never to have seen nor heard a tornado...to say it sounds like a freight train...well..it's like trying to translate a deep feeling to another very distant language...you kind of get the idea but never the genuine feeling....or meaning


I happen to be on my cell asking my relatives living outside of Florida to relay to me what they saw on the weather channel as I'd lost electricity aka tv..etc..


The sound I heard was still something I cannot describe...though some 6 years later I am STILL finding nails with their tell tale red tag nails in yard....


We made it out ok....lost our home but not our lives.....


Still can't say it sounded like a train.....to me a tornado is the definition of pure evil....such wrath with  little or no real warning...


So...to those u2 fans in Oklahoma...we are here ALL FOR YOU....let us know how you are...and what we can do...as there is so much we CAN do....together...send donations to the Red Cross...Gift cards to any standing grocery store...contractors...utility companies...there are a LOT  of ways to help from afar....


PLEASE if you are AFFECTED by this horrendous act of nature and can post it and let the u2 COMMUNITY know..post it on this THREAD and let us know HOW WE CAN HELP! IT CAN BE AS EASY as giving a specific $ amount to a utility Co. or member's  grocery store...we CAN make a difference here.......

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Yes you can give money to the Red Cross, however SPECIFY that you want the money to go DIRECTLY to those most in need in the Oklahoma City area....otherwise it goes into their national pool.....

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