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Of Bits And Chomping At Them


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glorious vanity
gloria pride
opening falling
tumbling forward
like Charles Bukowski pitching toward his brick steps after a U2 concert
without the cataracts and booze
that kind of morning
that kind of day
past framing the future
down river
around the bend
beyond the curve
chords about the earth
the ground has given way
to the blue sky
orbiting geosynchronous running to stand still
watching it all
glorious but not vain
not waiting
keeping up
wide awake
that kind of morning
that kind of day



Yeah, kind of rambly-headed this a.m. Afraid to go outside and see everyone lined up at the last standing cd shop, or the built for echo football stadium, in anticipation of the new. Maybe I'll be left behind this time with Thing 1 and Thing 2, but I doubt it, in other words I have faith that I won't be (as the room spins around), and I'm still very patient. Tour opener in Capetown, followed by a loop around the pacific, and then back into the studio. OK, maybe not, but clearly if this album is done, they can get onto the next one, 'cause I need it now. Drums. Groove. Jangly bit. Warbler. Now. No, I'm patient. Really. ;)


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