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For Nikon Dslr Owners Only: Lens Question


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So as some of you already know I shot the 360 tour with a Nikon D80. Awesome camera. The lenses were an 18-45mm and 18-70mm Nikkor lens. Stop F/3.5. Since that time I've been getting better and reading Ken Rockwell's site about Nikon lenses.


I picked up an Nikkor F/1.8D for the North American JAMES tour last year (that was an incredible experience) and an Nippon Kogaku Manual AI F/1.4 for the U2 360 first annual Clawfest in Las Vegas last year. I found the older F/1.4 gave me nice bokehs. Both were 50mm lenses so it was challenge to back away from the action being at front of stage. Every time Tim Booth came over to me and stood and looked down, he was SOOO close I could almost see his nose hairs. Plus the auto focus on the Nikkor F/1.8 D couldn't lock on (switched to manual).


I just ordrered a used Tokina Manual AI F/2.8 24-40mm since I was getting tired of having to back up to get the subject into the picture. I really need a wide angle. Looking forward to playing around with it when it arrives.


I'm finding the older lenses made years ago (usually manual) give better results.


What lenses so you guys and gals use?


I really love prime lenses.



p.s. avatar forthcoming

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Well this won't help but my 2 cents is this. When I was a 35mm man, I used Minolta Maxxum bodies and I bought a used 24 mm 2.8f lens that I absolutely loved! But you had to be able to move around to frame your pic since you had no zoom action.  If I was stuck next to a stage it would be awesome for some pics but I'd want a second body with a zoom (35-70 mm?)of some sort, around my neck. I could never change lenses fast enough, even with a helper. 

PS Shouldn't you use Sigma lenses? :rolleyes:

PPS Now I use a Canon Digital Rebel 75-300 and a 18-55

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I choose the lens for what I want to achieve. there is no 1 perfect lens.


this is my 100mm macro capturing an orb weaver. I am also using a gold reflector to boost the natural light and add a bit of color



this is my 400mm lens. you can see simply by getting close enough with a 400 you can completely blur the background, you can also get great bokeh with it even though it is a f4.5. so you don't necessarily need a 50mm f1.4 to get great bokeh or selective focus. There are actually a few apps that help you calculate depth of focus at differing distances for various lenses. then you simply shoot from the distance that gives you the amount of selective focus your looking for.



Standard 50mm lens. candle reflection off glass tabletop


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