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Nelson Mandela! Lift Him Up!


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Nelson Mandela is back in the hospital in "serious" condition for a persistent lung



I consider him to be such a source of positive energy...directed at positive

determination...remaining that strong and positive person after 27 years of horrible

conditions during imprisonment (it was/is a far cry from our federal or even state

run prisons..a true man of spirit & strength)


As U2 has asked us countless times....this time...let us lift up Nelson Mandela,

to not endure suffering...no more pain...if it is whatever "will/spirit" you believe

in...let him be well if he is to be well and at 94 pass on if it is his time to pass

on....though not trying to be corny at all....let his long walk to freedom and to

continue to fight for equal rights for South Africa as well as around the world....

walk on.......through our every day actions with the every day people we come across and with

those close to us....


Nelson Mandela! Life Him Up!

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