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Off Topic: Firefal Closed Beta Weekend (Is Over)


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It was the final one before the open (anyone can participate) BETA starts on July 9th.


I really had fun. Got 101,106 XP before it ended. I don't usually participate in PC gameplay betas but this one had jumpjets and a really great environment! And alien bugs, lots of alien bugs. And dynamic events that took the effort of many players to combat.


Plus the other players were really helpful and vice versa when it counted.


It's supposed to be a Free 2 Play game at official release but I think it should be a Pay 2 Play (like Guild Wars 2/Defiance/Secret World) in order to keep out hackers and cheaters who won't pay a dime.


I think I'm going to beome a founder (paid early supporter). I came home last night to continue playing but the beta ended while I was at the hospice. Ah well.




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