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New Home Page=New Cd?*plz*! Xoxoxo


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So....we have a 'new' home page....does that home page mean we might soon have a new cd(s)?


I've gone a head and fainted in anticipation of either and went a head and double

twice fainted should we get "Songs of Ascent" (heellloooo Mercy...) AND a REALLY new

cd...I'd be happy to faint on command if that would help bring either or both cds

closer to use...yeah...anything for the cause...


U2.....u know your name...so punch it in...hear (us) and we'll cease to speak (about a forth coming album...)ohhh ohhhh ohhhhhohooo...

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I don't see anything new in the homepage :huh:

Well, aside from the color scheme being different (!) there are NEW pics...not new as in never seen before

something other than 360 pics...most notably the photo on the front of the From The Ground Up book....

LOTS of new stuff when you put 'new' in perspective w/what we have been getting...


Fingers remain crossed it leads to the new cd SOON!!

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