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Whether I would live or die,

was what happened to me when you arrived.

Luckily with love we both surprisingly survived,

so thankful I am for your guardian to arrive.

Although im not with you day to day,

in my heart you will always stay.

Remember now you are no child but now a man,

and in FAITH,LOVE,TRUST and HOPE you will stand.

One day not too far

as my love is unconditional I'll love you for whom you are.

Dont let time apart for us to grow cold,

as we love our God we keep firm hold.

Now I leave you always with regret,

but my love for you I shall not forget.

You are in my prayers every night,

That God and I embrace you tight.

So I bid you well and you will see,

that one day we will establish a family.

Always be here as your mum,

and look forward to catch up on fun.

xx oo

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In the beginning so peaceful now Earth is like the weather,

day so beautiful warm with flowers blossomming of all sorts of leather.


Now darkness approaches and light has grown dim,

crime lurks the streets in the daylight at wim.


''How long''? does the starving cry, shall we hope ?

as we see single parents die and the children mope.


Children, men and women on the streets,

looking for shelter and a safe retreat.


With people losing faith in reason,

and fully prepared for all sorts of treason.


Far away in the sky lightning comes out of eastern parts and shines on western parts, the son has arrived,

to bring an end to rulers of the world who have forgotten God or have not derived.


Mighty war has broken forth, fire, lightning, sulpher and thunder issue from the sky,

as we watch the murderer, thief and the unfaithful die.


Now the meek left on the earth with Gods help clean up the dirt

Now peace on earth has begun and the flowers again are in spurt.


The lame, deaf, dumb and blind are healed,

and the death brought to life, yet to be revealed.


Now the day is firmly established and the night no longer dim

as it's left for lovers and dancers as she kisses him.


Peace, serenity, harmony and grace

we shall all meet now, face to face.


With games, play and unity found

we live on with fruitage abound.





Was bored so wrote this today.

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