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Mom Died Today


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After being diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer of unknown origin 8 months ago and fighting to live each day as it starved her, Mom went to heaven at 604pm Hawaii time today. My heart is so shattered, I am in a terrible dream. I don't know what's going to happen. My joy is gone.


Thank you anyone who prayed for her. Please pray for my sister and I that we know the right thing to do.


I hope and pray that God is in Heaven and that the good news Jesus spoke of is real because my faith has been tested.


Sleep Mom and thank you for loving us in the good times and the bad. You did not deserve this.

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Sigma pm me your address I have something to send to you..

Very sorry about your Mum but her suffering is gone she is in peace now,

and its very natural for you to hurt, I pray you have strength at this moment in time.

Remember talking about her alot is the best thing you can do now.

You have my sympathies 

xx oo

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I've had a really tough day coping. I started compiling pictures for her service last night after she went to the mortuary until private family viewing; and her eventual cremation sometime this week. I didn't sleep until 4 am. And I could not stop crying. I have no control over this grief. I'm about to cry again.

I slept in her bed hoping she would visit me but she wasn't there. She left behind so many material things that I made for her and seeing them just hurts so much. I woke up to find she's not here. I sat at my computer trying to make sense of all of this. Finding more photos of her when I was just in pre-school made me cry uncontrollably again. And trying to find music for the private viewing and her service just made it worse. I played back U2, James, mrnorth, Coldplay, Sia and others just made me well up. I'm having a really hard time dealing with this, my sister is suffering also and nothing I can say is going to help either of us as we are now.


Edge's playing just make me cry now.


God should have given me her cancer so she wouldn't have to leave us. She didn't want to go. She told the doctor she had things to do and she told us this too before she fell into a sleep on Thursday morning that we believed she was going to wake up from today...


I wish I spent more time with her when I was growing up.

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