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Mom Died Today


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Sigma, there is nothing anyone can say to you or your sister to make the hurt easier, but you are your sister can take comfort in each other in knowing you are not suffering and going through this alone. 

The tears are part of the grief and you need them as a release of the pain you are feeling. 

Try to not dwell on the wishing you had spent more time with her, try and remember the times you did spend with her and the happy times you shared with her and your family. 

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Today is the second day without Mom in our lives. Nothing has improved. Still compiling music for her video slide tribute and Keane is making me cry. So much spiritual music I wish it could heal me.


We can't meet with the funeral home until Friday, they are all booked up. Mom's final private family viewing is delayed; her cremation is on hold. She wanted her ashes spread around her new home which hasn't been built yet. A great tragedy she won't get to enjoy her new home. My sister will make sure it is built and Mom's wish is fulfilled.


Boss came by our apartment today to offer sympathy and support. He said don't worry about work. I told Mom if she passed I would not work there anymore and she agreed. She was the front desk receptionist where I worked. Passing by that desk is too much to bear anymore. When she was alive there was hope she'd return. Her boss said her job would always be there when she came back. Now someone else sits there and it's not my Mommy.


And my sister and I will be moving soon after Mom's service and distribution of her belongings., it was the 3 of us sharing this apartment after her 2nd husband died in November 2007 and she was evicted by his niece as spite. We cannot afford 1700.00 by ourselves, and we are closing the storage rental as soon as possible. I wish my Dad was here but he lives in Vegas and cannot fly because of his health. 


"But you're long gone, but you're long gone now. Now where do we go, I don't even know.."


~ Keane

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After being diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer of unknown origin 8 months ago and fighting to live each day as it starved her, Mom went to heaven at 604pm Hawaii time today. My heart is so shattered, I am in a terrible dream. I don't know what's going to happen. My joy is gone.


Thank you anyone who prayed for her. Please pray for my sister and I that we know the right thing to do.


I hope and pray that God is in Heaven and that the good news Jesus spoke of is real because my faith has been tested.


Sleep Mom and thank you for loving us in the good times and the bad. You did not deserve this.

I've sent you a personal message. Stay strong and know her love lives through you all.

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