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A Blogger's Heart


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A fellow blogger recently posted that they'd lost their mom to cancer.


155 views...155 people read it


18 took the time to post a kind thought


It wasn't a 'hidden' topic....something one only discovered the seriousness, the open hearted expression of sorrow of the writter-BLOGGER after reading it...


137 people just kept going.


I think we are better than that.


I think that if we take the time to 'tap' on a heart broken topic we all have time to type a few words of support and/or condolense.


U2 songs are fun but they are all written from the heart meant to go to a heart.


Let's show ours.

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It might be that it has hit too close to home for some people. It might be that some people don't know how to respond. It could be for any number of reasons. Losing a parent is HARD and it fucking SUCKS. I know, been there, done that, have the tee shirt.


I tend to send out mental vibes when I see posts like that, where I might not know the person. They are in my thoughts, even if I don't say anything.


Just my two cents....

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I appreciate your two cents. And I think if you (and you may have) wrote that exact same thing for this person it would mean so much-it touches me and thankfully, I still have both parents. That's a huge gift as I lost all of my grandparents before I was 14 and my dad's dad died when he was 16 so I never knew him.


You show great kindness and I appreciate that!

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