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Deconstructing More Crazy U2 Rumours


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Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 9:10AM

U2%20-%20group%20shot.jpeg?__SQUARESPACEU2's worldwide fanbase, stuck without a new album for five years, is in overdrive.  With something set to be released later this year, it's actually kinda fun to go through all the rumours and rogue stories.  It's kinda like covering Apple.

ITEM 1:  Rolling Stone reports on a totally unstantiated report out of Italy that claims the upcoming tour will consist of multiple shows (three is the magic number) in select cities with the playlist changing each night in the expectation that fans will buy tickets to all three gigs.  The report also speculates on the form those three gigs might take.

MY ANALYSIS:  I like the three-shows-in-each city concept.  U2 can't go out on the road with something bigger and crazier than the 360 Tour, so they have to find a new approach.  Short residencies might be the answer.  This would also require far less travel (hence lower overhead) and be easier on the band members.

But as for devoting entire shows to old material, I don't see it.  They've never been any kind of a nostalgia band.


ITEM 2:  Some German guy I've never heard of posted here that the first single from the new album will be released August 19.  (It's in German, but Google will translate it enough to get the gist.)

MY ANALYSIS:  I have no clue about the veracity of this guy's "insider information," but if we look at U2's release history for the times they've had albums ready for release in the fourth quarter, he might be in the ballpark.  Barely.

Rattle and Hum, October 10, 1988

First single:  "Desire," Early September 1988


Achtung Baby,  November 18, 1991

First single:  "The Fly," October 21, 1991


All That You Can't Leave Behind, October 30, 2000

First single"  "Beatiful Day,  October 9, 2000


How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, November 22, 2004

First single:  "Vertigo," November 8, 2004 (although I remember hearing the song for the first time from a record label rep in late August.  That Wikipedia date might be wrong.)


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"U2's worldwide fanbase, stuck without a new album for five years, is in overdrive"


That line made me laugh because as a long time fan, I'm thinking five years between albums is pretty much par for the course.

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The idea to do three shows in each city with a different set list each night is very interesting.  But I don't see it really happening.  Maybe in certain cities only, like NYC or something.  I can't see them going to every city that they typically visit and staying at each one for so long.  We'll find out soon enough, I guess! :)

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I just don't see how it would work having "theme" nights, in theory its good idea...but in practice I cant see it working out just buying tickets would be a nightmare.


I think U2 should maybe just do a few arenas in the winter in key cities such as London....New York....Dublin etc. and offer tickets to fan club members initially and that would provide them the opportunity to play a very unique setlist.


On the actual tour the fact is the majority of people going are "casual fans" those going for the first time to hear the hits and those who have been once or twice probably wanting to hear the hits again. I cant see them alienating the majority with theme nights etc.


Its all about the cash....

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