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I Really Hate 3D Films.....


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Rant for today (*note Wednesday is a Red Whine day).


So I hate 3D in film.


All I want from a movie is a good story; a good show. I want to enjoy beautiful photography, and be intrigued/enthralled/enchanted....whatever.


What I don't want, is to be wearing an obtrusive pair of ridiculous oversize goggles, all the while wondering if my partner who needs to wear glasses anyway can actually really see what I'm seeing, and thus feel what I'm being led to feel.


Why do i protest thus?


Well, there were 2 films I WAS going to fork out some cash to see.

They both screened in 3D on THE BIG SCREEN, However the only option for good old 2D was in a tiny theater on a screen not much bigger than our TV.


Guess what Hollywood?


Feck yer ticket prices...If I can't even PAY to see the films I want to see on a BIG ENORMOSCREEN, in Dolby Surround Stereo...I may as well just download them for free, and watch them in the comfort of home...in Dolby surround Stereo....for the ticket price of feck all.


Now I understand the artists, and the creators of the art...'see it how we envisioned you seeing it! Experience it our way!'




Film in 3d, 4D, Double D sux. Will always suck, and do not get me started on the 4D experience with moving chairs. If i want smoke blown in my face, I invite my pot head friends. If i want Water splashed about, I bring in the drunks. Moving Chairs? We are earthquake prone. Filmmakers....you want to make a better film? Start with a Great STORY.


Are we done?














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I like it; but I like it in 2D equally. 3D adds nothing...it dosen't equal the experience of 'being there'. If the sound quality is good there is no benefit.


WAIT, let me qualify that by stating i actually think Rattle and Hum was a superior FILM. U23D is a mere recording of something that happened. Ratlle and Hum even dispensed with colour for the most part. The images captured had impact. They were designed to have impact.


The U23D performance is great. I don't believe it has anything to do with the 3D technology.

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U2 in 3D was the only 3D film I enjoyed.  But yeah, it's annoying how everyone is making films in 3D, most of them don't need to be.  I hate the glasses, too!   My husband who is a big movie fan doesn't care for the trend either.  He's noticed that anytime he sees a film that was converted to 3D, it gives him a bad headache. 

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