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Less Than 2 Weeks


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Yeah his chemo was 24 hours a day for 6 days straight, off for 2 weeks, 24 hours a day 6 days straight,

repeat and repeat...I havent found ANYONE that has received the doses he has, they straight up told us he was going to get the highest doses ever given, I see a bunch of folks with like 2 boxes, he had 6 total going at once, I took pics of that cuz I just couldnt believe my son was getting that much and still alive. Their response was if they didnt go that hard, he wouldnt live, so it was all or nothing. He is kinda spooky cuz he

didnt get sick like you see cancer patients, yeah he lost his hair, but didnt throw up like others, he would get sick 7 days after treatments, be sick for that week (sick meaning sleeping) and then back in. He still cant really walk that well, but I took him in the ocean yesterday and we surfed together. Well I surfed and he sat on the board watching me. That's all he wanted was to get back in the ocean, so a bunch of my neighbors wwent with me and him and it was MAGICAL. As soon as they removed his PICC line and it healed over he got rid of his walker and is using crutches. HE HAS A LONG WAY TO GO BUT HIS ATTITUDE IS AMAZING HE REMINDS ME OF A SAINT.

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Yeah it was straight up BRUTAL...He always has a smile on his face, never complains, he knows he is blessed to just be alive. He's been humbled that's for sure! I have been brought to my knees as well. I dont think he will ever get it all back, there is just too much damage to the spinal cord. I am just praying all this chemo worked. I am 36 hours away from knowing if my son is gonna live or not. If it wasnt for his team, he would be dead already, I have been living on pure FAITH..not about to question any of it. Thank you for your prayers.

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