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Remember When U2 Were All About This......

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I'll never forget that rooftop showy-offy-ness, loved it, loved their in your face attitude! It was such a major deal at the time, just brilliant!


But it was at a time when their careers were at the forefront of their lives and minds and we still see them as those people - the music is everything because that's what we look to in U2. But for them their lives, families, careers and interests have moved on, in twists and turns, for them it may not be at the forefront as it used, not as much of a priority as it used be, maybe they don't want it to be the dominating factor in their lives anymore. These guys are in their 50's now, their lives are just different, they're not gonna keep the music a priority forever, it's just a reality.


I know we're all (well most) so very impatient for new music, new album but while they have other priorities and activities that interest them, basically, it's tough luck we'll just have to wait til they're good and ready (frankly!).


Nice links, thank you - think we may have to just keep watching old stuff for now, sad but true.

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