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Bono, U2 Write And Record New Song For “Mandela” Movie


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Why are folk getting banned or posts missing purely because they've found out about the new song, it's public knowledge on the internet, you cannot keep things secret, it's the way of the world.


U2 have long supported freedom of speech, why can't folk just say what they want.


Sorry for posting this but it's all just a load of nonsense, this doesn't reflect the band that I've followed longer than most have been alive.

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no ones getting banned dennyjnr, and mods are simply making use of the 'spoiler' feature (apologies of some posts getting temporarily hidden


What's a spoiler feature and this was something that has been leaked and is all over the net, who is it going to spoil it for?????

Again, my band don't stand for this type of stuff

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