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U2 You Are So Out Of Touch


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Btw, true :rolleyes: U2.com didn't hype it up as such but they knew exactly what would happen when they made that email announcement, they knew it would spread like wildfire and speculation/the hype (pun pun) would follow quickly on the back of it

I would say sending out a mass email using the wording they did was indeed "hyping up"

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First off: Wait, Old U2 fans?! Complaining about something U2 did?! On their official site?! SURELY NOT!!!! (it's amazing how when the band does something some fogey doesn't like, suddenly Bono's voice is shot, edge's hands can't pluck strings, Adam suddenl has lost rythmn, and Larry, I don't even want to think what ailment has befallen Larry, arthritis or something.)


Second: Lol, this is why I don't pay subscription for this place, this kind of level of exclusive is really, free subscriber, seriously.


And third:  The song isn't great, it's not horrible, it's U2 did a song for a movie and nothing beats Hold Me THrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me.

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I understand that other bands do a lot more subscription content for their paid members than U2, but I think the main thing that many of us veterans look forward to is having first shot at tickets whenever the band goes on tour. And personally, I've enjoyed the gift that came with each subscription.  It's not that expensive, $40 for a re-up every year is a little over $3 per month - not exactly break-the-bank amount there.


I get what you guys are saying but, for me, I guess I don't worry about it all that much.

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