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'ordinary Love' Discussion Thread

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It's ok. Not knocking my socks off yet. Sounds a bit weak on first listen.


Electrical Storm mixed with Saints intro...listening again with headphones this time...

Just what I was thinking - reminded me very much of Electrical Storm.  Maybe it will grow on me.



Electrical Storm was strong to me on first listen. Maybe this one will be a grower, but this is no re-invention to me. Maybe the album will speak different as this is only a song for a movie.


That's what I'm thinking.  With the exception of Until the End of the World, their movie songs are not their strongest.

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I think people will either not like this, or will think it's okay, or will Love this. I appreciate those who were hoping for something else, but mark me down in the LOVE column.   Got to hear it FIR

I really love U2, i know you wont do anything, i know the person who will read this ovbiously will not be Bono, Edge, Adam or Larry, i know that, and is ok, but I have to say something!!... please for

Interesting. Now I Really want to hear the whole song. Of course, U2 was an influence on Coldplay - & they've said so - so it's pretty much Coldplay who sounds a little like U2. But now when I hea

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i really liked it. sounds great and a great job of danger mouse. it sounds like u2 meets broken bells. great video also

Exactly what I thought when I listened to the song a second time. Reminded me of Ghost Inside a bit (put on the video so you can hear for yourself; besides to compare, it's a good excuse to watch a video with Christina Hendricks in it, ha ha)

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Good to hear some new music, look forward to hear it in it's entirety.  Is that the song Chris Martin contributed to?  Sounds a little Coldplay-esque.  Like it though.  Happy :D




(mod edit - opened this as new topic to discuss the song / snippet / trailer - BW)

Agree, I thought it has to be Coldplay after few first notes :) But I´m okay with the song.

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