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Horror/sci-Fi Movie Favorites

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Bram Stokers Dracula is my favorite...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bram_Stoker's_Dracula


In 1462, Vlad Dracula, a member of the Order of the Dragon, returns from a victory against the Turks to find his wife, Elisabeta, has committed suicide after receiving a false report of his death. Enraged that his wife is now damned for committing suicide, Dracula desecrates his chapel and renounces God, declaring that he will rise from the grave to avenge Elisabeta with all the powers of darkness. In a fit of rage, he stabs the cross with his sword and drinks the blood which pours out of it.



Poor Vlad was mislead by the church into believing that god does not forgive the grief of the suffering souls who cannot go on any longer..


Thereby leading the innocent to unspeakable evil.


In the end, Vlad longs for the sweet release of real death:


 He asks Mina to give him peace. They share a kiss as the candles adorning the chapel light up, Dracula turns back to his younger self, and Mina shoves the knife through his heart. The mark on her forehead disappears as Dracula's curse is lifted. She decapitates him, and finally gazes up at the fresco of Vlad and Elisabeta ascending to Heaven together.


Vlad and Elisabeta true love for all eternity


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horror- the ORIGINAL Halloween ROCKS!!!!  not too big of a horror fan otherwise .......Exorcist scared me TOO MUCH


sci fi - STAR WARS


horror/sci fi- the first Alien movie .....WOW

me too..the exorcist was too gory for me...Im into the psycological horror of things, like the reaction of Mia Farrow to having the devil for a baby in the classic, Rosemarys Baby!!


It doesnt have to be gore to be horrifying!!

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