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U2 Management Bought By Giant Ln According To Ny Times

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I just listened to a local radio station show there (bbc radio ulster) - their nightly 'arts extra' show - and it touched on this very subject. I think to an extent the point that they focused on, which in essence was, that Paul McGuinnes was very much the 'fifth member' of U2 - to use that Beatlesque analogy - is quite pertinent.

It will be interesting to see where this leads.

All the talk of 'sell out' and corporate ownership is nonsense in my opinion - every single one of us with our smartphones and hook up to www. sold out years ago - it's the way the world is spinning I'm afraid.


I do hope the new album still retains the core essence of U2 - decent music and decent live performances on the back of that - the glitz is nice,but as long as the live music (minus the glitz) is still good - I'm in.


As for the long term - hey, apart from the Rolling Stones - not many go on forever!


The role of 'the manager' is very much to be there when things aren't quite going to plan, when individuals aren't quite gelling in a band sense as they should. There are a few examples of this in the career of U2. 'The manager' was there to help and support individual members through that. How will it work moving forward?


All 'big boys' now though with their own lives outside of U2.


Will the next album be their last? One wonders....

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and most of all this could be one of the reasons for the delay of the new album....

This is the beginning of the end  

I see.     So fans wanted Eno and Lanois to go away, they did, fans complained.   Fans wanted McGuiness to go away. He is. Fans complained and now see doom and gloom.     Hey! good news out of

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Actually, Paul isn't retiring, he's set up a sweet deal for himself.  He'll still be chairman of Principle but sold it to LN for $30 Mill and won't be as hands on, that's a businessman. 


What would be good for the band at this point, and most long time fans don't seem to be quite happy about this, or at the least very nervous, would be for their next tour to be in smaller venues with decent prices.  Bad publicity and moves like this have negative effects on artists, so as artists, they need to get back to basics and quit pandering to their corporate master by playing huge stadiums and over priced tickets with fans sitting practically on the next block at a show.  Keep it simple and magnificent!


Totally agree with you on this. I think 360 was the pinnacle for them as far as stadium tours was to go. (no doubt I'll be proved totally wrong)

I'd like to see them come indoors also with acceptable ticket pricing structures. I guess a lot will depend on the content and quality of the new material when it arrives.

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Last night I thought: what a bomb...


Well, this is an important day and I'm a bit sad because I really like Paul McGuinness. He had a fundamental role troughout their history with his intelligence and his values and his moves. But I understand how tough his work must be, taking into account the beast of a band that U2 is, and all what each tour involve, etc. I'm sure he chose the suitable moment, before enlisting in the nex tour. And he will be able to enjoy with a little less pressure, and that probably will be really positive for him. And he's not gone, he's the chairman.


He gave his vote of confidence to the new manager so I'll gave him mine too... Let's give him a chance :D   ;)


I'm not afraid of changes and U2 has an instinct for changes and evolution, isn't it? That's why we are here in 2013 enjoying them. Or what do you think.


And U2 is ruled by U2ers in case you don't remember. :lol:

We're not enjoying anything in 2013, we're waiting for the new album for almost 5 years ! We're Still Waiting in 2013, that's what we're doing ! ! !


Hey Pain, I speak for myself, but I assure you that I never enjoyed the anticipation of a new U2 album as much as now, thanks to the new technologies. I don't know, I just understand the time it takes for an artist to make something great... I didn't asked them to sing a contract with a deadline to make music... After all their career they are the best for me and that's all!

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End of an era for me, similar to when U2 moved away from Chris Blackwells ISLAND records, one can hope that similar success follows on, we shall see. Time will tell but would like to hear a band statement on the events, especially Larry's view.

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surrenders said: "Corporations rule nations and now artists." Well, at least U2 is in artistic control & have the power of their position. Not all musicians are so lucky, of course:


Check it out man, I LOVE this letter! One musician takes a stand against an industry's abuse of musicians:



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Live Nation has had 9 long years to "care" about this website...it's too late...nothing will ever get done here.


Meanwhile, membership fees might increase as well as we might see tickets skyrocket to the same level as Madonna's prices.


So don't come crying to me if $50 GA's get replaced with $300 reserved seating on the floor.


When that happens, I'll just say..."I told you so"...and then it'll be the beginning of the end for sure.

idk if anyone recalls this, but bigwave posted that the new subscription gift is really very good.

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He did not want to stick around for another album and a tour? If it was to be their last one?


Well I think this could work both ways. 


If the next album does not bring the band good fortune in terms of sales and hits, and I am sorry to say, as for U2 as artists, I hope they can reach those levels again, but the way the music business is now, it is hard to see U2 get radio play or even number one hits. Unless Live Nation has a way of helping them get that aim. Purely based on Bono's recent ramblings about "having hits"


If it turns out good for the album and the tour, they could well sign a contract with LN, and extended one, which sees our heroes still at it, churning out new tunes for the next 10 or so years. It could even make LN make U2 into a money rolling machine, charging prices for big shows for us to hear them play Sunday Bloody Sunday and Pride again. Lets face it, people paid money to see the Stones, people will pay money to see U2. Even if they are not die hard fans. They will.


Or the album doesn't hit it, they tour ala Popmart when the album was not touching the right buttons, and it is not the way we want to see our lads go. 


You could even see an extended contract with LN sooner enough, which could be what I started off with, and seeing U2 next to those artists on LN makes me feel like we have totally lost the U2 of the past in terms of art and values and have searched to reach for a younger hip audience. I don't know how I feel about this, but I suppose I can live with it.


With Paul leaving U2, the fifth member, I feel this will effect them in terms of leadership, final say on the album before it gets released, like in the U2 camp from what it was built on and Live Nation being the puppet masters of U2. It is concerning as to where U2 will go next in terms for Bono's search of these hits. For a start, why is Live Nation being so held back in letting the fans hear Ordinary Love? What 3 or so minutes of new music, and we don't get first pickings?


Tenterhooks here from my end. It "could" be the end of U2. Or it could be the beginning of another ten or so unexpected years of what will become of them, 

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