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Before I Die-World Wide Project-Add On Yours


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What do you want to do before you die-what is important to you?


Lets start our own "wall" here on U2.com


This has become a world wide phenomenon with walls all over the world where people post their answers. 




Follow the Before I Die project on TwitterFacebook, and a monthly newsletter to enjoy the journey together. Watch Candy’s TED talk about the project.  Have you created a Before I Die wall or remix?





Before I Die is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in public space. This project was started by Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after she lost someone she loved. Learn more here.



An old building in new orleans is where this all got started:








Look how people just filled it up!



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Finally, before Xtraspicy gets mad on me, I'd like to say that people know their whole life they're gonna die, there's just some things you realize you can do and things you can't...

And another thing, since this got me started, there's this preconception that animals aren't aware they're gonna die, only humans know this...Well animals live by instinct...I think that pretty much sums it up about what animals know and feel: of course they know but they can't write it on a wall, instead they LIVE, which is actually the essence of things, which humans don't get ! !

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However, this project seems very disturbing to me, makes me very sad, makes me think of all the things I CAN'T do !


Chris, here are some thoughts I'll share on that:


1) Maybe it would help to put it in perspective. I read something somewhere that basically said: no matter what your life is like, remember that someone somewhere is praying to have a life like yours. I'll see if I can find it & post it. For example, I checked out the link Spicy posted & the 1st thing I was able to read that someone wrote on a wall was this: 'learn English.' That's a major 'b4 I die' wish of someone's - & u already have that! :)


2) Also, the world would be happier if people didn't want things just because someone else has them. I'm not saying people should never have aspirations. But we should realize when we're ok - & be able to feel like 'I'm ok - I don't need to have what that person has & that person & that person...' (Especially leading up to Christmas which is so commercialized. Just 'tune out' all the ads.)


3) Maybe it would also be good to not think of ALL the things u wish u could do in your lifetime, but pick ONE dream close to your heart that might be realistic - something u could actually take steps towards in life. :)

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