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Hiya Bloggers!

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Come to think of it, the air does seem a lot less thick up here.  :rolleyes:   I can BREATHE, now.


Maybe we should all just stay up in the general forum where the freebie bloggers can find us.  You know those Celtic types are not ones for asking permissions.  LOL  


We can just start all of our blog titles with "Hiya bloggers, ___________" so they'll know which ones are us.  :D   What do y'all think.  It would save a lot of work handing out permissions I would think...at least until we get the original blogs back.  (I had to throw that in for Joe who's scared they'll be forgotten).

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They don't think of me that way because I'm a free loader, non-paying type, lol. They also don't let me give down-arrows (not that I'd want to anyway) and I only have a couple of up-arrow opportunities each day . . . . that'll show me!!!

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