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Questions From Some Dislocated Bloggers

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Okay, this is an experiment.  Some blogger  friends elsewhere have been discussing their issues with this site, and I wondered what would happen if I brought their questions over for the mods or others to comment on.  (I've done a wee bit of editing)  I'm putting it here instead of in the blog section so nonpaying bloggers and friends of bloggers can see and comment easily if they choose to do so.  Here goes:


1: Is the policing of the site at the discretion of the mods?
2: Could warnings and suspensions and barring be appealed to a third party?
3: Sometimes it seems the mods remove content without a legitimate reason being given.  For instance "Any mention of violence, even in jest, is not allowed" is a preposterous 'reason' for a warning.
On occasion, posts have been removed with absolutely NO reason given
.  Could there be a way to discuss openly why posts have been removed?
3: Why are changes made and THEN subscribers informed? Would it be possible to inform subscribers of upcoming changes and how it will affect them or their subscription rather than make the change and have people annoyed?
4: There is two number 3's!
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Maybe they would answer if we inserted naughty innuendo or "threatened violence" . . . isn't that what gets their attention?

So we need to flash them and then we get an answer? 

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