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Ego Electrical Media Malfunction

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A great spirit has asked me to inform you that many of you are suffering subconciously and are completely unaware of it.  If you are crying over the death of Madiba and you did not personally meet him and you are not even African you may have symptoms and not even realize it.  The same happened with the death of Diana. In todays society we are bombarded with that much news and images that we ignore our own issues. Things that should be dealt with and healed but are instead projected outwards and attached to other events.  It is wonderful to see the compassion in the world at the moment but people have forgotten that they need to show compassion to themselves.

I am struggling to find the words to express this properly so you will have to bear with me.

Global grief - people who are suffering from grief but have not dealt with it properly (healing, therapy etc)

will supress their grief deep inside until an event like the death of a global icon opens up the wound and out come the tears...you should not be sad today. If you are sad you have projected your inner grief and electrically attached it outwards.  Basically you are running away from your problems but instead of running away you are letting your problems run in front of you via social media.

You are more than likely an empathic/sensitive, you listen to everyone elses problems but do not burden others with your own.  You pick up other peoples negative issues (subconsciously)You like to rescue people but are incapable of being rescued yourself. Images in the media affect you deeply, you are likely to cry at social injustice. 

You are slowly being drained, your nerves are probably on edge and you are more than likely suffering from insomnia.

How to get better

Take a 3 day break from all forms of media, concentrate on yourself and re-charge. You cannot help those in pain if you are in pain yourself.  You cannot help someone grieve if you yourself are wrapped up in grief. If you are drowning in emotions you cannot rescue someone else.You need to feel joy in order to uplift another. If you feel sorrow you will pull them down with you. You need to stop projecting your problems outside of yourself and attaching them to other issues that are outside of your control. Stand still, switch off and try to realise what you have been doing for years without even realizing it.


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