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International Flavors--Zootopians, What Are You Eating?


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I'm eating low fat yoghurt. All part of the 5/2 diet I've been doing for 2 months now. Boring yes it is! Those that are not familier with it well for 5 days a week I eat 2000-2500 calories per day. For 2 days a week I reduce my calorie intake to 600 calories each day. Those 600 calorie days are quite a challenge. Black coffee, yoghurt, cup a soups and rice crackers. Not much else. This post is killing me! lol

can you explain why you are doing this diet?


what are you goals?

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The last thing I ate was a tuna-salad sandwich!!

do you make your own egg rolls?


and what is in the tuna salad?


some peeps add in cheese chunks and peas and onions.....


 No,  the egg rolls were purchased from Costo, but they were still yummy.  As for the tuna-salad sandwich, I went with the classic tuna and mayonnaise combo due to lack of time.

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