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Dear Bono


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How you are feeling now is how we will feel when you eventually go..... :( you were so lucky to meet your hero and I'm sure he loved the way you opened up our minds and hearts to Africa...This loss will be reminding you of the loss of your father but...


2013 - 12 = 2001 for the whole of this month he is allowed to visit along with.....

1977 + 8 + 16....

1959 + 7 + 17....this is your No1 spirit guide...someone who dies shortly before you are conceived and you know in your heart of hearts who she is because you wrote a song about her...

From the second you utter your first cry the sound made is a pinpoint in time and that is how the angels can track you...


that's it for now...I am still working on the code and of course I have to wait another couple of years because all the doubting Thomas's are going to want as much proof as I can throw at them...


On the 20th your mum is allowed to visit....as well...

the work you do on Earth pale's in comparison to the work you do when you are freed from your skin prison.... :) :) :)

remember...there are no coincidences.....it's all part of the plan..love and peace bro....xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxx














If I don't see this on the web....good...you have no idea how embarassing this is....fear and doubt...my biggest foes....

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