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Zoo Vinyl Entries-Discuss Here All About The Beautiful Works Of Art Submitted

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I can't find any words to say why, I'm dried of words, I thought I just shared some feelings with you...

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I like the one on page 2

with the writing on the photo... I don't know how to post pictures from other people. But the pic Im talking about is from joey360





and I really like the one from Bonny_Steph on page 4





Both pictures makes me want to discover the story that can be behind it. I tend to do that a lot these days, feeling the need to know the story or making one up in my mind. Every picture has his own story waiting for to be told...

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I like this wood burning so much.


very nice use of a different canvas/material to work with.


no one else has done this or the mandela either.


love the originality and well done artist work ....


by U2LAWoman http://zootopia.u2.com/user/286797-u2lawoman/



Spicy, I'm proud of this wood burning and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was my first time wood burning ever. This was after I tried carving, but this wasn't the right wood needed for carving. Today, I bought another slice of wood to try another wood burn for a Christmas gift.

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Taking part in this entry on my own, with no doubt I would say my position would be the best :)


But in general, I have thought that the contest is about personalisation, it was said, take a line or section of the lyrics from Ordinary Love and personalise it - so at most, I liked the entries showing the personal world of the author or at least trying to tend. I dislike entries made in Photoshop, or just some pictures taken much before the song is released and collaged with some stuff over - I can't see anything personal in them. My voting goes to those entries implying handmade work, as they are fitting the contest rules at most.


They are #s:

22, 24, 30, 36, 67, 72, 102


Specifically, those created with the help of cotton strings... very nice, original.

Nuff said.

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I like this one the most. It just seems to be the most creative, and the artist must be very talented.

the entry you like is by artist http://zootopia.u2.com/user/581091-lareinaraygin/


I agree, its very good.


I love her watercolor on newsprint that makes the love between a man and a woman look "old and weathered"




She says:


"The sea wants to kiss the golden shore

The sunlight warms your skin..."


My twist on the lyrics portrays a literal expression of "Ordinary Love." The painting is water color on newspaper. I chose this medium because the newspaper begins to deteriorate and tear making this pleasing expression of love look old and weathered which leads into the next line in song.


"All the beauty that's been lost before"

Wants to find us again"



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