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First post to this thread in 2019?!     The show announcements for Australia, Japan, Singapore and Korea brought me back in. Originally an 'old zoo' member in 2005, and traveled inside

Yeah i tried to come to america or europe for the last 10 years and here in Sri lanka they dont easily give us visa unless we show a lot of wealth in our bank accounts so i never got the chance. So as

Oh Jeeeeeez, I just didn't recognize this thread when I joined this community last year, sorry But I had a very good start here and already connected with some super nice people   Hope you don

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Hello everyone, welcome to the madhouse :D  :D  :D


two people from Telford, I sense a meet up...what's that shopping centre called near the lake? Is it still there?


It's just called Telford Town Centre. :) It's certainly still there and the area around the lake has been rebuilt into some new restaurants and a nice shiny new library. 

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Could have sworn it was like a mall type thing in the 80's, maybe my memory is going!!


Your memory isn't going - it is a big mall-type thing and it's been extended a fair bit over recent times, but doesn't really have a proper name other than Telford Town Centre. The newest section is called Southwater One and it still does have a lake, they've just moved it a bit and made it look posh :)

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