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New Members Introduction Thread

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First post to this thread in 2019?!     The show announcements for Australia, Japan, Singapore and Korea brought me back in. Originally an 'old zoo' member in 2005, and traveled inside

Yeah i tried to come to america or europe for the last 10 years and here in Sri lanka they dont easily give us visa unless we show a lot of wealth in our bank accounts so i never got the chance. So as

Hi again and thank you!! 😉

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hi my name is andy i live i the north west of the uk ... lancs / cumbria border ... just joined today my birthday ( yes a present to myself ) any body on here from " oop north " ? love to hear from you ....and anyone else ;)

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Hi, guys!


I want to come into contact with one of the U2 members, so I don't know whether I should adress them or you, the community. I'll just use 2nd plural.


Last year I took part in an essay contest organized by the US Embassy and I won 3 rd place. This is not important. It was just to give you an insight.


The theme was the future of technology for the environment. I was already interested in this domain, but I realised that what I'd written about was exactly what U2 is fighting for. Moreover, my essay( which became a poem) was constructed almost like a song. Therefore, I thought of contacting U2 in order to offer them my lyrics.


I won't post the essay yet, for obvious reasons.

However, if my message will be written over and over again, I might have a chance.


Thank you for your help.


Hi, any luck with contacting the band concerning the lyrics?

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Hi - my name's Ric.  Based in UK.  I sing with the U2 tribute band U2Baby that recently played at the Church in Dublin for U240 in Dublin.


Guggi and Ivan McCormick were particularly complimentary about the band for both looks and sound.


We love everything U2, particularly live and playing their music live.


If anyone is interested we are broadcasting the Dublin shows tonight (8th October) at 8pm GMT on Mixlr.


go to mixlr.com/u2baby at 8pm to tune in.

Be great to see you there.


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