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New Members Introduction Thread


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Hi Everyone. New to the Zootopia world and hoping to meet many of you in Las Vegas. I'm a Vegas DJ who specializes in 80s and has opened for Squeeze, The Fixx and have done concert after-parties with Duran Duran. Cannot wait for this Vegas residency! Happy to answer Vegas questions in the build-up to the show. On the Twitter at VelvetRebel1984. Favourite U2 show for me was Hawaii as I ended up on the rail. 

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8 hours ago, andrew wright said:

Hi Zootopians , my first time venturing into this space.   Great to see the U2 machine getting back into action , getting ready for what’s next ✈️ 

Welcome to the Zoo!

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Hi, I’m new to Zootopia but the first time I went to see U2 was in 1986, in Los Angeles. A UCLA person couldn’t go to the concert. I wrote a “magazine” (haha!) to hopefully win a ticket to U2. I won! (And I still have the “magazine”). I have been to U2 concerts 4 times in L.A.

In 2000, I moved up to San Francisco, CA (USA), and six months later (June, 6, when I was only 33) I had a HUGE stroke (Aaaaaaaah??!)

I was in the hospital, and my dad brought my portable CD player. I had been listening to U2 The Unforgettable Fire. And now one of my favorite songs is Bad.

Anyway, I’m doing so much better. 


I posted this pic on U2 Facebook and Instagram on Oct. 3, when “Bono’s hitting the road for the #SurrenderMemoir Book Tour”

I wanted to go to see “SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story” in San Francisco, but I didn’t get tickets. But I “reviewed” it on Goodreads (5 stars, of course)


P.S.: I wrote a memoir too, “Before, Afdre, and After (My stroke ... oh what fun)” 

And of course I mentioned U2 in my book too. 




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