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New Members Introduction Thread


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Not 'least bit', no, all consumed more like!! ;) (Excuse to post a pic wherever we can?!)



Light-headed feeling, heart starting to race.....oh a picture! But, yeah, where in the world did Pebs take him?

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Hi Chris

Look out for Anj she has a thing about Coldplay :)



Oi!! I will force feed you cheese and onion crisps if you're not nice to me y'know!


Now to Chris, nice to meet you, not surprised to see you in here, knew it was a matter of time really since we seem to chat about Coldplay more than U2 these days. You must have been listening to rock from a very early age if you liked U2 from the early 80's - were you put off from going to meet ups because you were still in a pram them/barely walking? I s'pose you could gurgle along to the songs. :)


Are people still mixing you up with James Morrison btw?


PS. We will always judge you lol


Hi I am 45 years old so I'm quite old in terms of being a U2 fan, I actually don't like Coldplay and I get comments thrown at me about my name but I am not as mundane and boring as THE Chris Martin.

As I said before I never went to meet up's because I have seen first hand how some U2 fans can be horribly obsessive and it really puts me off going to things out with concerts when it comes to U2 I'm sad to say, I have met the band a few times as I said before and have to say the behaviour from some U2 fans leaves a lot to be desired.

Welcome Chris.  And I just want to say that I'm not the least bit obsessed with Larry at all.  Just saying....


Well considering Larry is not into girls I would,hope not.

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