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What's Your Slang? Irish & Otherwise... (Regionalisms, Sayings, Accents, Etc.)


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Irish slang and Southern twang: I was having a convo w/ someone about this, one thing lead to another, & here we are. It's all ElMarto's fault for enlightening me w/ this excellent little Irish slang treasure which made me inordinately happy: "That's melted my head!" He tells me that means 'you've confused me.' (Thanks Marty!)


I've mentioned b4 that in the U.S., many people in the south say "y'all" (you all), many of us in the northeast say "you guys," & in Chicago, Illinois (& some other places) some folks say "yous." That's more like regional differences than slang, but that stuff is fun to ponder too sometimes.


Anyways, Janette suggested I create an Irish slang thread so here's a thread w/ that included but also for All kinds of slang, sayings, regionalisms, & accents, etc - Irish & Otherwise - all are welcome here. Do share. :)

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A saying in Russia: "Trust but verify."


Something Canadians are known for saying: "eh?"


I'm not sure how much people in Ireland outside of Northern Ireland say "that's melted my head," but it's at least in Northern Ireland.


A way of expressing 'a really long time' in America, which is probably used in some other places, too: "a month of Sundays." (Not sure if I've ever used that one myself.)


Funny, but this occurs to me from the zoo: a Liljbau-ism: "Oh my."

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You have a PM Alma!  :)


Thanks, Cam! I done seen it & replied. :lol: (In correct English: "I saw it & replied." :D) So, you have a PM now, too!




Reminds me of the Jean-Paul marathon-runner episode of Seinfeld:


Jerry Seinfeld: "Am / Pm!"

Jean-Paul: "Man, it wasn't the am/pm!"


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Geordie: Shy bairns get nowt

In English: Shy children get nothing




Cool that I knew what 'bairn' meant. Well, I would've said it means 'baby.'


I think I learned that from a darling little movie that I think was called 'Little Thieves.' (Which I think I've seen 2 different versions of. I think one starred Charleton Heston. A movie about little kids who find a baby or toddler baby & take him to their clubhouse.)


When you say 'Geordie' I just think Star Trek The Next Generation (or is that Jordi)? I'm thinking that's not what you mean of course, but otherwise I'm not familiar w/ what you mean by 'Geordie.'

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