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EW (Entertainment Weekly) just took our canes and shoved them into our hearing aids. The rag mag stated in their latest issue that U2's "core audience was probably too old to fully embrace a surprise digital download debut a la Beyonce." As soon as I put in my dentures, take a nap and try to remember where I put my quill and ink, they're going to get an earful. Now, what was I just saying...oh yeah, too old? Just the other day at Bingo, my friend Mabel said to me just before she left for her dialysis appointment that she doesn't feel a day over 82. Any chance of U2 putting on an early bird concert this go around? Who am I again?

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I think EW is so old that they wouldn't know a good thing if it hit them in the face. :P


Seriously, they have always dogged U2.  ALWAYS.


Although, the thought of a secret drop did cross my mind after I heard what Beyonce did.  I'd love it!  But I'd still want a CD and a vinyl. :D

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Obviously never been to a U2 show, where there's an age range as wide as a rainbow. Besides many of the big hitters in the music business are in there 50's and making more in a day than these crappy rag writers make in a year.


The sad fact is once the U2 PR machine starts, the twats come from under there rocks to try and put the boot in. End of the day they write crap about U2 knowing they can sell there article, because people see U2 and read on.

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