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Poems, Videos, Lyrics, Letting A Positive Vibe-->Or Making Reflect--> Or Smile

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Voices from ancient Ireland. Translation by Bob Willoughby


The clear voice of the red-backed deer

under the oak tree, high on the summit

gentle hinds and they so timid

lying hidden in your well-wooded glade.


Glen of the scarlet-berried rowan

fruit praised by every flock of birds,

for the badgers a sleepy seclusion

quiet in their burrows with their young.


Glen of the silent blue-eyed hawk

glen with rich bounty from every tree

glen sheltered by peaks on every side

glen of the blackberry, wild plum and apple.


Glen of the sleek brown flat-nosed otter

leaping lightly, freely fishing,

many are the graceful white-winged swans,

salmon spawning in the stony streams.


Glen of the tangled ranching yew

glen of mists and gentle cows

glen of the clear brilliant sun

glen of the graceful women, perfect as pearls.


Deirdre remembers a glen 14th century

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Aslan.. I'll catch your fall... Love it! Billy McGuinness sounds kind of like Bono or Vice Versa? lol This song lifted me this weekend.. thank you Christy..


I need a little time.. new song 6/6/14 I'm a few months behind discovering this band.. Peace out Meela

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suggests i move as a minstrel,


it blows and i hear

the music is around,


and i run fast,


age runs along

the profiles,


i run fast,


i talk about the good news,



it multiplies


to the infinite.

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I maintain that, if everyone knew what others said about him, there would not be four friends in the world.

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French scientist, philosopher. Pensées, no. 792, ed. Krailsheimer; no. 101, ed. Brunschvicg (1670).

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