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YES..."And You and i"


Be Still

I stand in this window to sing you a song

Love's at a distance but Love isn't gone

Blue turns to grey by the end of the day

Same color as my eyes as I pull down the shades


Darkness all around- no sound in the street

Deaf dumb and blind- but I still hear them weap

They sing from a window locked in a room

When will it end- can I see you soon


The willow will bend- The flowers will bloom

The sun has it's time but then it's the moon's


Behind every lie the truth is contained

Behind a grey sky...

The blue still remains.



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23 Aprile by Dalai Lama. La via della tranquillità.


The physical (cultural color of the skin, almond-shaped eyes and so on) and cultural differences which seem to divide people to me they unite them more and more. The theories of cultural differences, which world history has witnessed, are absurd, pernicious and lead only to bloody dead ends. Especially today, when we are reached by images from all over the world, our profound unity seems evident to me. Any new institution should take this consideration as a starting point and foundation.

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