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Winter Ode to the river Mapocho.. By Pablo Neruda 1965


Oh, yes, oh indefinable snow, yes, oh trembling in full flower of the snow, boreal eyelid, tiny ray of frozen light, who, who called you to the valley of ashes, who. who dragged you from the eagle's beak down to where your pure waters touch the terrible rags of my country? River, why do you bring down the freezing, secret water, water which the hard dawn of the stones kept in its inaccessible cathedral, down to the wounded feet of my people? Go back, go back, oh bitter river, to your cup of snow, go back, go back to your cup of spacious frost, sink your silver root in your secret spring or plunge, break into another, tearless sea! River Mapocho, when night comes and like a tumbled, black statue sleeps beneath your bridges with a black cluster of heads beaten by the cold and hunger as by two immense eagles, oh river, oh hard river born of the snow, why don't you rise like a vast phantom or a new cross of stars for all forgotten men? No, now your harsh ashes run beside the sob thrown to the black water, beside the tattered sleeve shipped and shivering in the hardened wind beneath the iron leaves. River Mapocho, where do you take those feathers of ice forever wounded, along your purple shores will wild flowers always be born bitten by lice and your tongue of cold forever scrape the cheeks of my naked country? Oh, let it not be so, let it not be so; let a drop of your black foam leap from the mud into a flower of fire and precipitate the seed of man!


Peace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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