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Staring out the window at the frozen ground // watching // silent snowflakes as they fall all around...

I recall our last conversation outside your back door...leading to our last goodbye /// to faith-no more.

//remembering it// -all...like it was just yesterday...this sadness...continues...to my hearts dismay-

reaching out to the grey blue sky-

a blue bird cry's out...and just wonders why?

renewing our rights...forgetting our wrongs-

like a solemn song-like a solemn song.

someday we will have a chance to re-glue this space?

...where do all the tears go as they just fly away...stolen from love...fallen from grace

Whatever happened to // synergy's // embrace // ?

somewhere in a different time and place?...only to be lost- to the devil's grace...

then baby you were //// gone...baby your love was just...gone, and then you went - away.

You drove off to school to learn?...I moved to the wilderness with thoughts to discern...

life's meaning and lessons // cold dreams and visions.

you changed your mind from then to now...you listened to them baby-

I don't know why- I just don't know how.

Baby // what went wrong // what went wrong....thought we'd have another chance to say-

something else- baby, by by baby.

I guess I said something...maybe not enough...maybe I just waited to long...girl-

baby baby...just what went wrong...// girl who is right...girl who is wrong?

I send these blues up to heaven's gate- as they dissipate and evaporate...

into loves last song.

Angles turn this blue light to white...missing you now and missing you all night...

this doesn't feel like love...it just doesn't feel right.

the pain still hurts... and it wont go away-I patiently wait...for-

some shadow of light...til' tomorrow and on this last day...

to the devil's delight...no forgiveness - just pain...desperation-

now for to long...baby, by by baby-

now for to long...it just isn't right- ( it didn't have to end this way).

falling for your love and loosing it too...

//remembering it //- all... like it was just yesterday's blues... this sadness you left behind-

like a solemn song- like a solemn song.

Is it wrong to forgive and feel love again... your heart was once soft now where does it begin?

I'd give my hearts love back to thee...if only it could be forgiven-

for all it doesn't know... for all it did wrong.

since you left I haven't found another...

my kisses were promised to you forever...baby baby baby- what went wrong?

my lips since then- have not met an-others...why should I have to sing this song?

angles of mercy from heaven above... what did I do to not deserve your love?

I send these blues to heaven's gate...God's angles turn blue light to white.

I call you out on the scene...you wont forgive me or give me the time of day-

I was just trying to tell you that my heart is here  to stay...

like a solemn song- like a solemn song...my heart sigh's with no hope- just a song.

I have no choice but to walk away-

/// remembering it///- all, like it was just yesterday...the sadness seems like it's here to stay-

like a solemn son- like a solemn song... to my end- to the grave-

released by angles who change this blue light to white- from mercy's cage - I spring...

first I ran but now I just sigh... walk away n' cry

as I sing loves...loves last song...

only....just to walk away-

and say- goodbye.

Edited by littlejoe3

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gone with the wind

the freedom

to be on my own

hard it was

to begin again

my self finds

its joy


a salute

is without a fee


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from outside...

the freedom of wind

is on it's own

a salute cost nothing

where a krauts good-bye

finds itself

to be alone-

my joy-hard it was


again, it's hard / to begin.

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                   Space-Time Continuum


Cold winds do scream when blow n' branches on my bedroom window

fly me away where the flower's always grow and water my heart with your blooms

my fonder senses they do listen- to the resin of a tune

grander thoughts where my mind can wander throughout the day's of June 

captured by the cosmos colors of pink, white and purple-

not blue

often does my heart go wonder to only thoughts of you

lonely thoughts of fantasy's emotion-taken threw these sky's of blue

I lay here in your garden without a motion~

waiting for my dreams to reach their destination

finding a path

threw the space time continuum

without hesitation-

from revelations of truth

Edited by littlejoe3

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