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rithmic the flow

of my thoughts

just like the sea

i am in front of

as i look at the sky

and i realize

how roundness is

around me

there is time for

a moment to take

peace for a while

breeze is reminding


everything is not the same

of yesterday

hello today

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mystery-Albert Einestein


there are two ways to live your life

one as though nothing is a miracle

the other is though everything is a miracle

the most beautiful thing we can experience

is the source of all true art and all science

he to whom this emotion is a stranger

who can no longer pause and wonder and stand rapt in awe

is as good as dead: his eyes are closed

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against hubris- Albert Einstein


Science without religion is lame

religion without science is blind

and whoever undertakes to establish himself

as the judge of truth and knowledge

is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods

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relativity and the 'physics" of love: Albert Einstein


sit next to a pretty girl for a hour

it seems like a minute

sit on a red hot stove for a minute

and it seems like a hour

that's relativity


oh it should be possible

to explain the laws of physics

to a barmaid...

but how could she in a million years

explain love to an Einstein?


all these primary impulses

not easily explained in words

are the springboards

of mans actions- because

any man who can drive safely 

while kissing a pretty girl

is simply not giving the kiss

the attention it deserves


"imagination is more important than knowledge"

Albert Einstein

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translation from italian:


Sums of all sonic frequencies heardable by human's ear  creates the so called  white noise.  Recent studies have confirmed that the white noise can give multiple benefits to the human health. It has been verified that the noise produced by sea waves is a white noise.

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